Interview with Gerard Beekman

Gerard, Dutch F1 Fan for more than 20 years because a colleague was talking whole time about F1. When someone speak a lot about the same thing. we say ¡”¡shut the fu**up!” (?). In this case was the opposite.
Let’s go with the questions.
Well Gerard first to all thanks for accept this interview with “from the other side of racing”.

1) Why you are an F1 Fan?
“The excitement, the technique, the glamour … and above all, , the smell of burning rubber, the sound when an F1 car comes by”.

2) How started your love to F1?
“About 20 years ago a colleague couldn’t stop talking about it, I watched 1 race and.. I was addicted.
I haven’t missed 1 single race since…”

3) Your favorite F1 memory as a fan?
“The first time I heard, smelled and saw an F1 car passing the main straight, Zandvoort 1996, I remember very well! Jos Verstappen in the Footwork”.

3) Your Favorite Driver and why?
“Kimi! He is fast, consistent and… the coolest guy you can ever imagine.
Little example is the comment over the radio in Abu Dhabi 2012, (leave me alone…) Brilliant!!”

Kimi Raikkonen - Japan 2012

“Just leave alone, i know what to do” – Kimi Raikkonen

4) Your thoughts about social media with F1?
“I love it, you can’t get news any faster than this, you get the chance to “speak” to drivers and teams, and off course, you can share, discuss and talk about your passion with other fans from all over the world, in your own living room!”

5) Describe in one word, the 2012 F1 Season?
6) What thing you want to change in F1?
“I think drivers should not be judged on their budget, but more on their driving skills.. Example is Nico Hulkenberg!!”

7)  Do you follow other types of racing and why?
“Yes, I follow GP2 and WSR as well, close racing, seeing the hunger in young talents. Those guys are future F1 Drivers”.

8) Greatest F1 Driver of all time and why?
“I would have to go for Ayrton Senna, he is a legend! I’ve seen videos… Oh dear.. Magnificent driver and a nice guy as well”.

Ayrton Senna (1960 - 1994), 3 times F1 World Champion.

Ayrton Senna (1960 – 1994), 3 times F1 World Champion.

9) Greatest F1 Car in F1 History?
“The 2010 Red Bull RB6, just unbeatable. And as Seb calls her… Luscious Liz”

Mark Webber driving the RB6

Mark Webber driving the RB6.

Some stats about her
Designer: Adrian Newey
Wins: 9 (Between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber)
Pole positions: 15 (Between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber)
Fastest laps: 9 (Between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber)

10) Your thoughts about the return of the Turbo Engines for 2014?
“I don’t really know. I have heard and read some about it but don’t know enough of it to have an opinion”.

2014 Renault V6 Turbo Engine.

2014 Renault V6 Turbo Engine.

Thanks Gerard for taking your time in this interview.
You can follow Gerard on Twitter as @Gerard0602


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