My Interview with Duurt Dijkman, co-founder of F1 Etc.

ImagenDISCLAIMER: This interview was made before the decision of Duurt of leaving F1 Etc due personal reasons)
From here we wish him the best in his new projects.

Many of you know about Duurt from which he is the Co-founder.
He’s from Holland, Duurt defines himself as a “truly Motorsport fan”, he was the first guy who i interviewed for my Blog.

Well first to all, thanks Duurt for accept this interview for “from the other side of Racing”

1) Tell us about F1 Etc?
“F1etc is short for Formula1 etcetera which means that we cover different segments of motorsport with F1 as a guide-line.”

2) How began your love for the F1?
“As a young 8 year old i watched with my dad and that never went away. It was not until this year i began to share my knowledge and passion for the sport through Social Media. I began on FB to post just the little things drivers were tweeting,  Just things not important
enough for the Media but important enough for the Fans.
This is got into a spiral and one thing led to another and the site was born.”

3)  How feel the Dutch the F1?
“Formula 1 is quite popular in Holland, due to the likes of Verstappen, Albers, Doornbos, Van der Garde and Frinjs. Sadly most Dutch are on FB.”

4) Thoughts about the 2012 F1 Season?.
“With an EPIC start (7 Races, 7 Winners), surprises thought out the season, a new Track, and a final to the wire it was one of the greatest in 10 years.”

5) Favorite race of the season?
“In a way every race is a favorite in it’s own because in every race there was something that made it special but the last race in Brazil tops it.”

6) Favorite moment as an F1 Fan?
“One of my favorite moments is seeing the perfect number 2 driver (Felipe) Massa take the WDC for about 20 seconds before Hamilton takes it away in ’08.
As a Dutch i obviously need to say the podium of Jos Verstappen but that’s just my Dutch heart speaking. ;-)”

Jos “The Boss” Verstappen, Dutch F1 Driver since 1994 until 2003.
Felipe Massa, Brazil 2008

7) Do you follow other types of Racing?
“Yes, GP2, GP3, WTCC, WSR, F3, MOTOGP, Indy. I wanted to keep track of BTCC but they don’t broadcast it in Holland. I try to follow many as possible.”

8) As Dutch, Holland have 2 Drivers with Huge chances to be in F1 (Frijns and Van Der Garde) What is your opinion about that?
“In my opinion van der Garde has the least chance of them both coz of his age and it is taking too long for him to get there. Frijns on the hand is booming business AND is at the right team because Sauber is a great steppingstone to greatness.”

Robert Frijns Tester for Sauber F1 Team in 2013
Robert Frijns Test Driver for Sauber F1 Team in 2013.

9) Can Holland host an F1 Race someday?
“It’s all about the Money but if they could get Zandvoort up to the F1 Standards , they might . Seeing the costs though I don’t see that happening soon.”

Zandvoort hosted the Dutch GP since 1948 until 1985.

10) Greatest F1 Driver of all time?
“The greatest is in the eye of the beholder. Senna was great, so is Schumacher. This year i saw a driver with a “not so good” car almost take the WDC just because he was able to get the maximum out of it so Alonso is also great. Greatest drivers are those with a certain X-factor.”

11) The best F1 Car in F1 History?
“Pffffffff, that’s a hard one. Give me a minute.
Every year the rules change so what was a great car in ’99 wouldn’t be in ’13 and vice versa. But the car that speaks to mind is the Ferrari F2004. Just because it holds so many records in one season.”

Some stats about this Car:
Wins: 15 (Between Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello)
Poles: 12 (Between Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello)
Fastest laps: 14 (Between Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello)

Thanks Duurt for taking your time and answer my questions.

You can follow Duurt on twitter as @Formula1etc
You can vote for Duurt for the Shorty Awards in the category of F1 Tweep (I think)



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